Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cool Stuff: Plastica

How did I manage to go this long before stumbling upon Plastica?

The Los Angeles boutique, along with its online store, features all kinds of things you never knew you wanted -- until you saw them, that is, and then just had to have them.

It's all silly but useful, happy and colorful, reasonably priced -- and much of it made out of (you guessed it) plastic.

My favorites:

Static Pillows, $52 each

Parkhaus Swallow Birds, $10 each

Expandable Flower Vases, $26 for two

Pappelina Liv Rugs, $120 and $155

Bento Boxes, $38 each

Marimekko Mugs, $17.50 each

Marimekko Tray, $21

Muistipeli Marimekko Matching Game, $23

Ludic Woollyhoodwinks, $30

Click here to check out the rest of Plastica's fun offerings.


/// said...

Ooh, I LOOOVE Plastica. It's the first place I stop when I'm having a bad day!!!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen Plastica before, but now I NEED those bento boxes!


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