Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wanderlust: San Francisco's Hotel Tomo

Living just 15 minutes or so across the Bay, we don't have much need to stay in any of San Francisco's stately old hotels -- or, for that matter, any of its cool new ones. But if we did, the Hotel Tomo would definitely be a fun getaway.

This reimagined Best Western in San Francisco's Japantown is all about Japanese pop culture (aka "J-pop"): You can catch Godzilla going mano-a-mano (or would that be monster-a-monster?) with Mothra on the wall of plasma screens in the lobby; browse the merch in the Giant Robot vending machine; check out the anime-style murals by Heisuke Kitazawa throughout the hotel; and then retire to your suite to kick back in brightly hued beanbag chairs and show off your mad Wii and PlayStation 3 skills on a giant projection screen.

Because even we sophisticated, responsible adults need to act like kids sometimes.

See more of the Hotel Tomo here.


Unknown said...

I've really been wanting a reason to stay there, but since I live in SF I'm having trouble coming up with a compelling reason.

modmom said...

very cooooooool


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