Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cool Stuff: FabulousStationary Holiday Cards

I honestly hate to do this to you guys -- I mean, it's not even Halloween yet, dammit! But if sending out dozens of holiday cards is, well, in the cards for you (us, on a good year we might get our act together in time to send out a silly e-card on December 23), then you need to know about these great cards from FabulousStationary.

The designs (like "Bounty," above) are modern, graphic, colorful, and fun -- and can be personalized with a choice of colors and wording. Each set comes with 25 cards and envelopes and costs $45.

Some of my favorites:

Mod Homestead

Nifty Sixties

Holiday Swirl

Snowy Tree

Bling Bling

Big Year '08


Fab Pomegranate

Fab Kumquats

Glam Greetings

Hey -- with options like these, we might even be inspired to skip the e-card and go old-school this year.

Check out all of the offerings at FabulousStationary right here.


beckie said...

Don't worry about it, I am already constructing my christmas tree in my head and blogging about cool holiday entertainment stuff.

I love those cards, great find.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I LOVE these, too. I posted about them yesterday.

Leah said...

Hi Kelly,

I saw that. You must have received the same announcement email from them that I did.




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