Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good Reads: Ghostly Ruins

I picked up a copy of Ghostly Ruins: America's Forgotten Architecture by Harry Skrdla in a bookstore recently, and was instantly transfixed by its eerie images of grand homes, hotels, factories, and other stately buildings fallen to ruins.

The book's stark, black-and-white photos are haunting -- but not because of any purported paranormal activity in the abandoned relics. Rather, these structures were damned by our own disregard for our history and architectural treasures.

Take a look:
Bannerman Castle, New York

Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts

The Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit

It's spooky -- and sobering. Find out more about Ghostly Ruins right here.


deerseason87 said...

Hi Leah- you should check out http://newenglandruins.com for some really gorgeous color pics of abandoned buildings, by Rob Dobi!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Reminds me of an abandoned house where my friends and I hung out as teenagers. It was off a country road in Michigan, hidden from all of humanity, looking over a steep ravine. We did all kinds of naughty things there, but I still remember that daunting feeling of mystery and lost history I had while wandering around, hoping the floorboards would hold. The peeling walls revealed Sears catalogue pages, indicating that it might have actually been ordered from that old mail-order staple of rural life. I must remember to see if it's still there next time I'm home. They paved those dusty roads, so on second thought, maybe I'll just keep it in memory.

Pink of Perfection said...

i've always been really entranced by old, decrepit architecture. these pictures are mesmerizing, and i can't wait to check out the book.


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