Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Objects of Lust: Arco Lamp

I'm seeing these everywhere lately -- and for once I'm bummed that we actually have overhead lighting in every room in the house, and thus can't justify the purchase by claiming we really need it.

(That, of course, and the fact that, lighting junkie though I may be, $2,450 for a lamp -- even one as fabulous as this, even one you will own forever -- feels pretty unjustifiable. That's what reissued models of the 1962 Achille Castiglioni-designed original go for at Room + Board, YLighting, and DWR. Vintage Arcos pop up on craigslist and eBay from time to time, but even those sell for a bundle. And while knockoffs are relatively easy to find, those are a bit $pendy, too.)

Still, I covet one. I love the dramatic yet graceful arch, the chunky carrera marble base, and the shiny, space-age dome. I totally want to move to a brick-walled industrial loft or an Eichler in the suburbs just so I can have one. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

hi i am in australia and this weekend i brought a vintage one of the arco lamp it was 10 aussie dollars and rusty but i have cleaned it up and now it is like new can you tell me how much a real one of these lamps is worth although i would never sell it i love it.


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