Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cool Stuff: The Tord Boontje Lights You Haven't Seen 10,000 Times

Yes, Dutch designer Tord Boontje is hot -- especially after his much-ballyhooed (and now erstwhile) association with Target and the recent publication of his coffee table book.

But let's be honest: You've seen some of his more popular laser-cut creations 10,000 times now (hello, Midsummer Light). And, as lovely and ethereal as they are, they're getting a little tired. Well, here are a couple of Boontje designs that are a bit less played-out:

The Come Rain Come Shine Light is concocted from crocheted cotton, organza, silk, and fabric flowers wrapped around and suspended from a metal structure. The result is a breathtaking flight of fancy. The price, however, is not for the faint of heart: $4,090 to $9,091, depending on size (the largest is nearly two feet across and four feet long) and color (the light comes in black, white, and multicolored versions). Available from Velocity.

On the more-affordable end of the spectrum is Boontje's Shadow Lamp. The halogen pendant is made from multicolored PVC and casts captivating designs on the surrounding walls when it's lit. Perfect for a nursery or anywhere you could use a little color and playfulness, the light costs $150 at Unica Home.

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