Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cool Tool: The Rasterbator

Sometimes, bigger is better. And sure, you can have your photographs turned into super-sized wall art at any decent printing shop or via online photo services like Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery -- but it'll cost you.

Or you can do it for free (minus the cost of paper and ink) with the Rasterbator. Simply upload your own photo or one from the internet, crop the image to your liking, and select your size. You can create images up to 20 meters (that's roughly 66 feet, folks). Finally, choose from the black-and-white, multicolor, or mono-color options.

The Rasterbator will magically rasterize (i.e., digitally pixelate) your image and turn it into a multi-image PDF document, which you then print out, sheet by sheet, at home. Assemble the sheets like pieces of a puzzle and stick them on the wall. (The rasterbation above is one I made with a favorite snapshot of my daughter, and which now adorns the wall of her room.)

Voila: Personalized, photographic art writ large. Try it for yourself here.


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