Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cool Stuff: Pimp My Cubicle

Because there's absolutely no reason that your design fixation, love of color, and all-around excellent taste should be confined to your home, these great new offerings (and old favorites) from See Jane Work are a convenient excuse to bring some of that fabulous style to your workspace, too.

Go ahead -- call it "Cubicle Chic."

Top left: Sanibel Pencil Cups, $10 each; top right: Kate Spade Pencil Set: $8 for six; bottom: Thomas Paul Pencil Cups, $6 each.

Left and center: PepperPot File Folders, $7 for six; right: Caspari Print File Folders, $12 for six.

Left: Letter Trays, $28 each; center: Pocket Strip Wall Organizer, $25; right: Magazine Files, $24 each.

Left: Thomas Paul Notebook Trio, $18.50; right: Mirage Journals, $9 each.

Left: Chrome Stapler, $25; center: Silver Tape Dispenser, $25; right: Silver Calculator, $28.

Left: Superdeluxe Monogram Paperweights, $65 each; right: Acme Studios Card Case, $29, and Rollerball Pen, $63.

Left: Angela Adams Organizer, $23; center: Decorative Things Desk Tray, $40; right: PepperPot Mouse Pads, $7 each.

Now, get back to work!

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beachbungalow8 said...

I have that computer bag and it makes me so happy everyday that i look at's the simple stuff.


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