Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Artful Home: Pop Art Pet Portraits

Admittedly, pet portraits are inherently cheesy. But several artists who've hung out online shingles offer custom paintings of pampered pooches and felines that land solidly on the winking, fun, and funky side of cheesy (rather than the achingly sincere, hearts-and-rainbows side that's all too common in the world of pet portraiture).

eBay seller saraturtle, for instance, will transform a snapshot of your coddled cattle dog into a playful piece of pop art (that's her work above). Simply send in your photo and choose your size and background patterns. Cost: $100 to $270.

Another eBay seller, Hollyworx (aka "The Original Ultramodern Artist Dillon") will produce a gallery-wrapped canvas featuring your pet in just two weeks. Auctions start at a penny.

Pooch Decor will turn a snapshot into a thermal-digital portrait on your choice of nine colorful backgrounds. Canvases arrive stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang. Cost: $550 to $725.

If that's a little outside your budget, browse Pooch Decor's limited-edition print collection, which ranges from $95 to $150 a pop and features everything from Australian Shepherds to Yorkies. Don't miss the PoMo pet silhouettes, left.

At Pop Art Pet, you can choose a "traditional" (but still colorful, modern, and tongue-in-cheek) pet painting, or opt for a comic- or panel-style portrait. Cost: $60 to $440.

Wouldn't a Warhol-esque rendering of my Pembroke Welsh corgi, Bonnie, be awesome? I'll take that over breakfast in bed any Mother's Day. (Nick, Austin, and Laurel: Hint, hint ... )


Anonymous said...

Omigod how cute is your dog? No special effects needed!

Jen said...

www.superstudio.etsy.com also do some cool pop art pet portraits.


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