Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cool Tool: Meez

Ever ponder what the cartoon version of you might look like? Or how you might be depicted in, say, a graphic novel or even a video game?

Wonder no more. With Meez, you can create your very own electronic avatar, choosing your style (from Goth to Renaissance Faire wench, and everything in between), fine-tuning your features, skin- and eye color, hairstyle, outfit, surroundings (rocking out on a concert stage, for instance, lounging on a tropical beach, or nesting at home), and even animating your creation to suit your mood. (Doing the Robot? Sashaying down the red carpet? Up to you.)

Draft something realistic when you're feeling down-to-earth, or unleash a fantasy version of yourself on the world (shhh ... my Meez is thinner and has a much more fabulous abode than the real me). Use the resulting image anywhere you have an identity that would normally include a headshot, such as on MySpace, in forum posts, or even as your caller ID.

Because after all, reality is so boring.

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