Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cool Tool: Etsy "Shop by Color"

If only you could find the perfect yellow vase. Or art with just the right shade of blue for your bedroom. Or a zesty orange pillow to punch up your drab sofa ...

With Etsy's super-cool "Shop by Color" feature, you can. The tool's tagline is "Pick a color, any color ... and we'll find items to match!" That's a hard offer to resist.

Simply click any shade on Etsy's detailed color grid -- from deepest ebony to palest pink -- and thumbnail photos of items with that hue pop up. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view and a detailed description. (My only quibble: I wish you could shop by color within each category, so you didn't have to click through three pairs of earrings and two sets of letterpress cards to find the citron ceramics you're really after. Still, sometimes it's just that kind of random searching that turns up treasures you didn't know you needed until you saw them.)

So go ahead -- take a spin on the color wheel.

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