Friday, May 30, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Maramiki Screenprinted Textiles

There's just something so yummy about linen, and brand-new Etsy seller Maramiki has rendered it even yummier by screenprinting (with water-based inks) subtle botanical designs onto the nubby, natural fabric. Above: Screenprinted linen/cotton pillow cover (12 by 16 inches), $20

Screenprinted natural linen, $30 a yard (56 inches wide)

Screenprinted linen/cotton pillow cover (20 by 20 inches), $30

Screenprinted cotton-duck placemats, $18 for two

Screenprinted black linen, $26 a yard (45 inches wide)

See all of Maramiki's Etsy offerings right here.


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching Top Design, but not Design Star, I don't think. Maybe I'll try an episode or two--I've only seen it once.

I think JA's Bravo Blog, alone, is reason enough to watch Top Design. That man cracks me up.

Pigtown*Design said...

There is nothing at all like linen! Back east, where it's 100% humidity in the summers, it's the perfect thing!

please sir said...

Oh wow...these are lovely...great find!


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