Friday, May 2, 2008

Cool Stuff: Michael Niederberger's Branch Series

Designed by Michael Niederberger of Switzerland, these branch holders make it appear as if a tree is growing straight out of your wall.

I doubt flowering branches would survive very long displayed this way without water, but wouldn't it make an incredible decoration for a party or a springtime brunch with friends? The rest of the time, you could use non-flowering branches -- my local flower market sells lichen-dotted oak branches that last forever, for instance -- or even realistic-looking faux blooms.

Niederberger has also designed coordinating tables and chairs that "absorb" branches, which then act as legs. It's a unique way to bring the outdoors in, and to meld super-modern design with rustic materials.

I'm not sure if or where the Branch Series is available for sale at this point, but you can read more about it here.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's a great idea

blah said...

Oh that is so beautiful!! Great find Leah!

cassandra said...

i absolutely LOVE THAT! i'm such a sucker for cherry blossoms...


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