Friday, May 30, 2008

Sound Off: Design Star 3 vs. Top Design 2

Season 3 of Design Star starts Sunday, June 8. Do you care?

I did Tivo Season 2 of HGTV's ratings juggernaut, and enjoyed it well enough. (Though I think winner Kim Myles' new home-makeover show, Myles of Style, is disappointing.) But I can't work up much enthusiasm for Season 3. I dunno -- the cast looks pretty cheesy, for one. And the location: Umm, Nashville? I'm sure it's a beautiful city, but I don't exactly think of it as a design center. I predict lots of has-been country singers getting their basement rec rooms re-done by the eager contestants. Zzzzz ...

Personally, I'm more excited for Season 2 of Bravo's Top Design. I love me some Jonathan Adler, and can't wait to see the atrociously entertaining hairstyles and getups Ms. Kelly Wearstler trots out this season, what sort of politely veiled bitchery Elle Decor's Margaret Russell dishes up, and what we can expect from new host India Hicks. (But I wish they had lost the painfully awkward and wooden Todd Oldham.) Oh, and we can't forget the return of Tom & Lorenzo's deliciously vicious postmortems of each episode. When's the premiere, oh Bravo gods? I am so there.

What about you? Will you watch the new seasons of Design Star or Top Design -- or give both a pass?

P.S. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

aww bitch I know you're not hatin' on nashville.

Megan said...

Oh, I am excited too! I enjoyed the first season of Top Design a lot. Thanks for the reminder!

tula said...

i will watch top design 2 for two reasons: 1). sir jonathan adler 2). kelly wearstler's botoxed face is somewhat hypnotic.

SGM said...

Top Design definitely has more cred with me. Adler, Wearstler & Russell vs. Vern Yip (and is C Rowley on there too or am I dreaming?)--Top Design wins every time. Plus, I just like how Bravo does reality (obviously).

And I'm NOT an addict! I can quit anytime, you know! ;)


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