Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cool Stuff: Vit Design

The Vit Design site is all in Swedish, so I can't read a single thing on it -- but I can still drool over this beautiful lighting. (Those Swedes just do white and ethereal so well, don't they? In fact, every last thing on the site is white -- hey, so maybe vit means white in Swedish.) Above: Flower Pendant, 2,900 Krona (about $479)

Nightfly Pendant, 2.250 Krona ($371)

Fly Rektangel, 2,500 Krona ($413)

I did manage to figure out that these were designed by former in-house IKEA talent Catarina Larsson, but that's about it. I also have no idea if Vit offers international shipping, but it's certainly worth a try. (Any Swedish speakers out there willing to translate for us?) I'm pretty sure you'd need to rewire these to U.S. code, but in my experience that's a simple, $30 job at your local lamp-repair shop.

Check out more from Vit Design right here -- and visit Larsson's site here.


Anonymous said...

I can't personally translate it but don't forget I live with a Scandi...I can have it translated...for a fee....mwa ha ha

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how many european designers and boutiques are not set up for the American market or don't have translated website.

Leah said...

Well, I guess there's a whole other world out there -- we're just a big, bullyish part of it.



Anonymous said...

Hi there! It says on their site that you can contact them at for information on international shipping, so I guess it could be arranged. Otherwise, just contact me and I'll buy the stuff you want for you, for a small fee... :-)

Leah said...

Thanks, Emma!

I can't get that Flower pendant out of my head, so I may just take you up on the offer!

And everyone, if you like Scandinavian design, do NOT miss Emma's blog -- called, appropriately, emmas designblogg. Emma's a Swede with a fantastic eye for design, and she writes in English! Can't beat that.


SimplyGrove said...

I love all things swedish!!! This lighting rocks! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah!
Your guess on vit meaning white is correct :)
We're glad you like our site, we've been working really hard on it (we are three guys working besides our studies with this).

By the way, we didn't have any info@vitdesign-address before, but we have now introduced one, so you are welcome to try contacting us again if you already tried.

Best wishes!


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