Monday, May 5, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Ferm Living Wallpaper

Not ready to commit to wallpaper in a big way? Just think of all the fun projects you could do with a single roll of modern, graphic wallpaper: You could paper the back of a bookcase, affix the paper to drawer fronts, layer it under a piece of glass cut to fit a dresser-top or a coffee table, wrap it around plain lampshades, make a faux headboard, paper the inside of a paneled door, paper just the wall behind the vanity in a small powder room ...

Danish design company Ferm Living makes some of the most beautiful wallpaper patterns around -- whether you're papering an entire room or experimenting with wallpaper in smaller doses. Each 21-inch by 32-foot roll normally retails for $85 -- but it never hurts to check eBay to see if you can get a better deal because someone is selling off the extra roll they wound up not needing or chickened out on using.

Right now, eBay seller danclarkatlanta has seven single rolls of seven different Ferm paper patterns (including Orchid, top, Berry Black, middle, and Silhouette, above, among others) listed with Buy It Now prices of $55 per roll. (So grab 'em before they're gone.)

What sort of projects would you use one of these for?

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