Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cool Stuff: Corian Loves Missoni

Check out this trippy fabulousness from last month's Milan Design Week, where it was part of the Corian Loves Missoni exhibit at the international design fair.

Created by Rosita and Luca Missoni -- from the legendary textile-, fashion-, and homewares-design house -- and using Corian solid surfacing materials for practically everything, the installation turned Corian's sprawling Milan showroom into a two-story loft apartment showcasing the House of Missoni's riotously colorful flair for pattern.

I'm sorry, but words are kind of failing me here. All I can seem to muster is a slack-jawed "dang." Take a look:

See more right here.

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ita darling. said...

AHHHHhhh. sweet revenge. i knew i was onto something when last year i was recommending to my interior design clients to install corian again. My boss flipped her lid on me-. It's still a pretty awesome surface...


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