Monday, May 19, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Painted Antique Armchair

Sometimes, I'm a thoroughly modern girl -- all about clean lines and sleekness. Sometimes, I like things with a funky, industrial edge -- oohing and aahing over patinaed and battered metal. Sometimes, I'm retro all the way -- give me vintage or give me death. And sometimes (though not very often), I'm kind of girlie -- drawn to things that are fresh, feminine, and fun.

This chair is definitely calling out to my girlie side. The antique, Swedish-style armchair has a bit of baroque flair, but it's been lacquered in pure white, giving it a more modern sensibility -- and maybe even a sense of humor.

Current bid: $295


please sir said...

I am the EXACT same way - I like appreciating and combining all types of styles - modern, retro, girly. Great chair find!

Jules said...

My husband is 100% pure midcentury modern. I sometimes envy how in love he is with one period. It seems to make everything easy for him! Is it my imagination, or is that chair painted all over in white? It doesn't look like upholstery to me!

Leah said...


I know! Decorating would be much easier if I didn't have such design schizophrenia. Ultimately, mixing styles and eras is more interesting -- but also more challenging!

And I think you may be right about the paint on the chair.



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