Monday, May 5, 2008

The Artful Home: Lisa Solomon and Aurora Robson Couplet Print at the Shiny Squirrel

Were you lucky enough to nab one of Lisa Solomon and Aurora Robson's "Couplet" prints at Tiny Showcase awhile back? I was waiting for my flight home at the Portland Airport, but had my husband on standby to get one the minute they went up.

If you missed that print release -- or if you want a companion piece from Solomon and Robson, drop everything and head on over to the Shinny Squirrel, where the artists have just released Carbon Tetrachloride + Cosmic Wheel, a new "Couplets" print in ochre and gray.

Each 8-by-8-inch, signed and numbered print (of a diptych from Solomon and Robson's joint show at Nashville's SqFt Gallery earlier this year) is $58. This is a limited edition of 50, so act fast if you want one.

(P.S. More evidence to support the theory The New York Times recently posited on the arty connection between Brooklyn and Oakland: Robson lives and works in Brooklyn, and Solomon in Oakland. Cue spooky Twilight Zone music now ... )


please sir said...

Wow...these are so neat...thanks for the find!

Ana said...

These are fantastic and so complimentary. I'd love to see how you display them!

mominaledo said...

I love the Soloman/Robson prints! Wow! Glad I stumbled onto your blog - thanks! I heart affordable art!

casapinka said...

they're lovely, just lovely.


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