Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Objects of Lust: Angus Hutcheson Lighting

Those crafty Scandis are at it again -- selling strangely compelling light fixtures that I want but can't have.

This time, it's Danish decor e-shop The Moood that has these kinda weird but nonetheless awesome lights. And thanks to a reader tip and Google Language Tools, I can actually read the site.

Turns out, the lights were designed by a Brit -- Angus Hutcheson, who now lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand -- and are sold in Denmark. (Hey, let's hear it for the global economy!)

The fixtures are, as you might expect, prohibitively expensive -- but whether that's because of the dollar's weakness or because they're just so cool, I'm not sure.

Top: Hanging World, 3,795 Danish Kroner (about $797); above: Elfin Tree, 3,995 DKK ($839)

Chrysalis Sky 8,495 DKK ($1,786). The shade is made with silkworm cocoons.

Midnight Moon, 5,495 DKK ($1,154)

Three Stone Floor, 8,995 DKK ($1,889)

My Chrysalis, 3,795 DKK ($797)

See all of Hutcheson's lighting at The Moood right here -- and check out more of his designs here.

(P.S. Update: It looks like at least a few of these fixtures -- plus Hutcheson's Heaven lights, above, with shades made from mulberry bark -- can be ordered through Fordbrady in Los Angeles. Still probably tres expensive, though.)


please sir said...

Love these - such a great natural element.

Anonymous said...

These lights are carried at our showroom. Keep in mind, all lights are hand crafted, some lights take over a week for one person to make and they are all sustainable.

Thanks for the review and getting the word out on Angus.


John Brady

katiedid said...

Very nice! The last one reminds me of a Chihuly a bit.


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