Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cool Stuff: Supermarket

Norwegian Wood Woodgrain Owl, $49

I keep seeing references from independent designers to Supermarket, so I decided to head on over to check it out.

Ferm Living Sparrow Wall Sticker, $120

Even after spending a good amount of time surfing around there, though, I'm still a little unclear on what, exactly, the Brooklyn-based Supermarket actually is: An online design collective? An indie-focused e-tailer? An Etsy-like virtual marketplace (and indeed, I have seen many of these items on Etsy) -- but with bigger-name designers like Perch!, Deadly Squire, Ferm Living, and Blissen thrown into the mix? Supermarket bills itself as "a curated collection of awesome design products," so I guess I'll just have to go with that.

Grégoire Ganter B is for Brooklyn Bridge, $125

A look at some of the fresh goods on offer:

Perch! Apron Vases, $48 each; John Pomp Glass Beehive Vase, $209; apmDesign Platter No. 8, $150

Shira Sela Forest, $18; Deadly Squire C Poster, $20; Christina Vantzou The Deer on Moni, $130; Green Chair Press Calmly It Goes, $18

MIO Grid Wall Pockets, $70 each; three sheets 2 the wind Linen Pillow, $70; leal&mabe Creatri Pillow, $40; Grace & Go Heavens to Betsy Tea Towel, $16

Adrift Samara Mobile, $220; Jason Linde Wenge Series 1-C, $110; Everyday Studio Nap Cat Bed and Scratchers, $75 each

things, designs ideas Bent Lamp, $75; Propeller Design Meridian and Galiano pendant lights, $480 and $318; Andrea Claire Rome Pendant Lamp, $540

Browse the aisles at Supermarket right here.

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