Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Paperfaerie Book Sculptures

The perfect gift for your favorite bibliophile -- or a witty objet for your own bookshelf: Handmade book sculptures from Etsy seller Paperfaerie (aka Newcastle, England paper artist Yvette Hawkins).

Crafted from recycled paperback novels whose pages have been painstakingly folded by hand into a variety of geometric and whimsical forms, the sculptures can be hung from the wall or ceiling or displayed on a shelf or table for a unique accent and conversation piece. (Remember the wall-mounted ones from Heike's house in Sweden?) Top: Cylindrical Book Sculptures, $39 each

Lantern Sculpture, $49

Cone Sculpture, $49

Conch Sculpture, $49

Mini Sculpture, $30

Cocktail Shaker Sculpture, $49

See all of Paperfaerie's book sculptures right here.

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Pigtown*Design said...

she must have the patience of a saint to do these!


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