Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cool Stuff: Dash & Albert Rugs

We've been looking for a new rug for the living room, to replace the red-and-camel Caucasian that's there now. (It's beautiful, but I'm bored with it. I'm also phasing out the red in that room and want something that's a bit more modern and versatile and that will work with the constant changes my decorating ADD demands.)

Nick is leaning toward a FLOR rug. But as much as I love the idea of FLOR, the previous one we had in a hallway was like a freakin' pet-hair magnet and I just can't deal with that again. I'm also in the mood for something kind of feminine, fresh, and fun. (This is a new thing for me, as "pink" has never before been a part of my design vocabulary. I dunno -- perhaps it's the spring fever talking.) So yesterday, I meandered on over to the Dash & Albert website and found a lot to love:

Barbados and Franconia

Tortola Ticking and Kiwi Ticking

Palm Beach

Birmingham Citrus and Aquinnah

Aruba Stripe

Bright Flamestitch

Staffordshire Stripe

The rugs are really reasonably priced, ranging from about $30 for a scatter rug to less than $500 for a 9-by-12. Because they're cotton flatweaves as opposed to tufted wool, though, my main concern is how well they'll hold up and stay in place. Anyone out there with Dash & Alberts who can report back on their longevity and mobility -- especially in a home with rampaging kids and pets? If so, please let me know!

Check out more Dash & Albert rugs right here.


Anonymous said...

These make me so happy!

Pigtown*Design said...

I love the flamestitch. I remember doing bargello pillows like that. I have the same concerns about the FLOR rugs... they look like hair magnets.

Unknown said...

I love Dash and Albert rugs myself, but I have experience with cotton rugs and they don't wear well, especially not in high traffic areas. After that, I won't put the gorgeous multicolored cotton rug I bought from a Bedouin woman where anyone will walk on it very often--of course, it wasn't meant to be walked on, it was for sitting on (they put these long runner-style rugs around the walls of the room and pillows and bolsters on top for seating.)

Dash and Albert do have wool rugs, but they're not as bright as the cotton ones. And they have a copy of the rug I'm dying to buy someday, Paul Smith's Swirl rug from the Rug Company.

Anonymous said...

I love that flamestitch too. Would a cotton rug stay in place with a rug pad? It seems like a nice weight for summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas and also the comments re FLOR. I had never heard of FLOR, checked their site, like the looks of things - however... I have two cats and am looking for ways to make things easier on myself hair-wise (like bare floors and a broom? But I do need to have a certain sq. footage of carpted space in my apt.). I'm gonna check out Dash & Albert now. p.s. Liore manne has interesting rugs.


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