Thursday, April 3, 2008

Double Take: Sunflower and Lotus Clocks

On the left: George Nelson's 1958 Sunflower Clock manufactured by Vitra, $1,015 at HiveModern. On the right: The Lotus Clock made by Dutch design company Karlsson, 85 pounds sterling (about $170) at Contemporary Heaven.

Same design, same size (29.5 inches), different materials (plywood vs. plastic).

It's always time for a good rip-off, I guess. Still, I'd be hard-pressed to shell out more than a thousand bucks for the official, licensed version -- as amazing as it is. What about you?


minouette said...

I just bought "The Paper Home" by L. Ishaque, on etsy, for $10. The project on its cover was how to make a knock-off of this clock with cardboard! It actually looks quite nice- as graphic and elegant as the original.

I don't think I could ever shell out $1000 for a clock.

{this is glamorous} said...

The George Nelson original is pretty spectacular :)


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