Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cool Stuff: Andy Shaw Tableware

I just stumbled on this lovely tableware by Philadelphia potter Andy Shaw. I like the purity and the simplicity of the monochromatic palette combined with the complexity and texture of the patterns.

As Shaw says of his creations, "The patterns of stripes and grids respond to domestic patterns created by sunlight and shadows through window panes, stair railings, and over floorboards. My designs in clay collaborate with your designs of home."

Prices start at $26 each for the cups and go up to $425 for larger vases. See more of Shaw's collection here, and contact him directly for a detailed price list and ordering info.

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T8 said...

There's a store in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood, Haus, that carries work from artisans. They carry a very similar line of pottery. The cups also make unique pencil or even toothbrush holders. Why not have a splash of beauty, even if its in a medicine cabinet.



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