Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Phoebe C. Photo Triptychs

I love the color story and the other, unspoken narrative being told in these photographic triptychs (like Pie Recipe, above) by Etsy seller Phoebe C. Plus, they make me hungry.

Take a look:

Orange Creamsicle

Breakfast in Bed

Peaches and Poppies


Green With Envy

Each matted, four-by-twelve-inch print is $22 right here.


phoebec said...

Thank you for posting my triptychs, I really appreciate it!! You have a gorgeous blog. I'm going to put it on my google reader.

coolhntr said...

These are amazing. Thanks for sharing and I agree, they make me want to eat (but then again what doesn't make me want to eat!).

Happy Hunting,

Pigtown*Design said...



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