Friday, April 18, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Linda Solovic Collage

I'm so charmed by the cheerfully retro prints (like Dahlia, above) from St. Louis collage artist and brand-new Etsy seller Linda Solovic. Solovic says she finds inspiration in "vintage greeting cards, quilts, outsider art, Hello Kitty, '50s and '60s children’s illustration, animated cartoons, Marimekko, and Japanese Zabka sewing projects." Take a look:

Bubble Flowers

Pop Posies



Sheila the Bird

Each 4.25-by-6.75-inch, limited-edition print is $22. See all of Solovic's Etsy offerings right here -- and check out more of her work here.


The Rotary said...

I love these! They remind me so much of Scandinavian textiles. I am off to check out more of Linda's work right now...

Ann said...

They are such beautiful designs. A little whimsical and quaint. It gave me inspiration for a scrapbook layout. Thanks.


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