Friday, April 11, 2008

Cool Stuff: Frazier & Wing Paper Mobiles

These paper mobiles are such a pretty way to bring color and dimension to a dead corner or to add movement in front of a window, where they'll flutter gently in the breeze.

The delicate mobiles from Portland's Frazier & Wing are made to order by owner Heather Frazier, who cuts each shape by hand from artist's paper or recycled magazine pages before stringing them with clear monofilament from a Plexiglas disc.

The colored mobiles come in three sizes: 5.5 by 28 inches ($85), 7 by 38 inches ($150), and 7 by 72 inches ($200).

The white mobiles are available in two sizes -- 5.5 by 30 inches ($95) and 7 by 38 inches ($150) -- with a choice of six accent colors: green, brown, red, blue, lavender, and coral.

See all of the lovely mobile designs in Frazier & Wing's online shop.


Cardboard said...

I LOVE the multi-colored ones! So fun - in a distracting yet inspiring way.

katiedid said...

Oh those multicolored ones I must find a way to have. Perhaps I can hornswoggle my youngest to get out her scissors. It might be easier just to hand over the cash.

Anonymous said...

those are so pretty!


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