Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cool Stuff: Kirin & Co. Screenprint Fabrics

I love love love these brand-new, limited-edition fabrics from Melbourne, Australia's Kirin & Co. Using solvent-free inks, textile designer Lara Cameron hand-screenprints her patterns onto a blend of hemp and organic cotton. Above: Riverside Adventures in aqua, Bulokku in lime, Wild Geese in olive, Bulokku in mint, Bonsai Forest in olive, and Birch Forest in aqua. Each half-meter (27-by-20 inch) unit is $17 Australian (about $15.80 U.S.) -- except Bulokku, which is $19.50 AU ($18.12 USD).

Poppies in red orange, Riverside Adventures in dusty pink, Raindrops in red orange, and Birch Forest in dusty pink. Each half-meter is $17 AU ($15.80 USD).

Ginkgo in robin's egg and olive aren't brand-new, but are just as gorgeous as ever. They're $19.50 AU ($18.12 USD) per half-meter.

We finally got a sewing machine -- and, since I haven't actually touched one since high school home-ec class, I finally reacquainted myself with how to use it -- and these have me itching to whip up some summer throw pillows, seat cushions, table runners, and perhaps even a tote bag. What would you make with Cameron's pretty patterns?

See all of the lovely textiles in the Kirin & Co. online shop -- but order soon, since quantities are extremely limited!


Lara said...

OMG you are such a sweetie for this post! Wow, so much text and images and so many links! I really appreciate it :) :) So glad people like the new fabrics! xoxo

Unknown said...

Covet, covet!


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