Thursday, August 7, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Multicolored Raffiaware Mugs

Jane, ask and you shall receive: Eight minty vintage, multicolored Melmac raffiaware mugs, just like Jennifer Carpenter's. (And dig the darling little carrying rack, too! I would be all over these if I didn't have a pathological need to nuke my coffee ten thousand times a day.)

Current bid: $20.50. (Hurry -- the auction ends Thursday evening, August 7.)


jane said...

shhh, Leah, you have to stop searching now. Now that I've found them, I don't want anyone else to know! This set is so perfect. I use the brown mug every day as my water glass---it's the only one I rescued from my parents' home. But we didn't have the cool carrier!

Tiffany S. said...

We've had the tumblers and sometimes the inserts tumble out. Just be careful!

Anairam said...

I love the colours but not the raffia - like, how do you wash them? Won't warm water and soap destroy that beautiful finish?

Leah said...

Anairam, I believe the raffia is encased in a Melmac/melamine shell, so the only thing that gets wet is the plastic.



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