Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Stuff: Assorted CB2 Goodies

Photo by Ed U. (sorry -- I was lame and forgot my camera)

I stopped in yesterday to check out the new CB2 outpost in San Francisco, and wound up walking out with a few inexpensive goodies, plus one new possibility for the couch wish list:

Ada Porcelain Hanging Vase, $7. Great idea, and a row of these filled with cheerful blooms from the supermarket would be lovely in a kitchen.

Ibiza Glasses, $4 each. Like Moroccan tea glasses, but with a modern edge.

Morocco Dinnerware, $5 to $13 per piece

Resin Ring Holder, $8. Yes, I'm a sucker for anything with a branch motif.

Oha Placemat, $4. I am totally going to open up one seam on this, stuff in a lumbar pillow insert, close the seam back up, and be all smug about how clever and cheap that was.

Slipcovered Movie Sofa, $1,199. I love that this is so deep -- 40 full inches -- because I work from my couch and want something that I can basically live (and take the occasional afternoon siesta) on. I just wish the back was a little higher and the slipcover didn't hide the cute midcentury-style legs.

By the way, if you're curious, I'd say that in person, the quality and looks of CB2's items were reasonably good. Probably on par with West Elm, and better than lots of IKEA stuff -- which looks pretty decent in the catalog, but more often than not you realize is crap when you get to the store (or, worse, get it home).

Still, let's not fool ourselves into thinking that most of CB2's goods are anything other than "disposable decor." Sometimes there's a place for that, though -- especially at these prices. Don't you think?


Pigtown*Design said...

We went to the store in NYC and thought that the items were priced very well for what they are...disposable decor. They had some fun things though!

Biba said...

I want the Moroccan style glasses! Great find :)

Anonymous said...

I love this store!

eM said...

you CAN get the sofa without the cover! in a lovely dark brown
I am lusting after this!


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