Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Design Dilemma: A Round Coffee Table with Storage?

More Ways to Waste Time reader Kara writes, "I have high hopes for a multipurpose coffee table to replace the one I have now, but have thus far failed in my mission to find a piece that fits all my criteria:

1) Round in shape
2) Modern in style
3) Lifted off the floor somewhat so my rug isn't completely hidden underneath
4) Firm enough for a tray with drinks and food, but soft enough to kick up my feet
5) Storage for blankets and remotes

Any perfect pieces come to mind?"

Kara, that is a really hard list! I spent some time searching, and came up with a few options that meet most of these criteria, but couldn't find one that met all of them.

Here are some modern (or at least contemporary) round coffee tables that won't totally obscure your rug and that offer storage:

Imfors Coffee Table, $129; Strind Coffee Table, $139; Stockholm Coffee Table, $179, all from IKEA

Danish Modern Round Table, "Buy It Now" for $140 on eBay

Genoa Coffee Table and Concord Coffee Table, both $170 from Target

Panier Tables, $314 each at HiveModern

Tonic Coffee Table and Ginger Coffee Table, both $399, and Prairie Coffee Table, $299 from EQ3

Metropolitan Coffee Table, $349 from Pottery Barn

Sax Coffee Table, $1,295 from the Conran Shop

Rosewood Coffee Table, $2,800 from StellarUnion (My favorite, hands down. But that price? Ouch.)

If you're reasonably handy, you could make a padded top for one of these to provide softness for kicking up your feet. It wouldn't be too hard: Just jigsaw a circle the same size as the table top from a piece of plywood, cut a piece of foam to match, wrap batting and fabric around the wood and foam, staple-gun them down, and attach the whole thing to the top of the table with strong Velcro strips.

Or you could get a large round ottoman to use in place of a coffee table, and store your blankets and remotes in a side table with drawers or in an attractive basket next to the couch.

I really like this Giant Moroccan Pouf, $1,250 from Tazi Designs, for instance. (Though it isn't raised off the floor like you want.)

Of course, the perfect solution would be a large round ottoman on legs, and that has a lift-off top revealing hidden storage. Unfortunately, I can't find anything matching that description that isn't super-traditional.

Readers, any ideas for Kara? If so, please post a comment and share them!


Le Owner said...

I love love love that Panier table....too bad I'm not as neat as that transparent plexi requires!

erin@designcrisis said...

I was going to vote for the Panier table, too. Maybe you could line the inside with a cute, minimal fabric to hide the less than tidiness?

Anonymous said...

if budget is no issue, then BB italia has "fat fat-lady fat" which is like combining the pouf with a table...

virginia said...

3 panier tables...and create a "flattish" round, corded and tufted pillow for them(sort of like the princess and the pea couch layers that have been on several blogs)...just looked at their website, very cool.

Beth said...

I was going to suggest the imfors table from IKEA and then scrolled down, and there is was! So, no, I don't have any better suggestions. I am finishing my basement this fall and plan to have the imfors in my t.v. room.



SML said...

The Charles table from Jennifer DeLonge is fabulous, we have about 5 throws, my down bedjacket & booties and a tin of remotes (19 mo old!) inside. As it comes it doesn't have legs, but you could add them, and toss a pillow on top if you like. And it seems WAY more expensive then when we bought our a year ago, like double in price...

raindance said...

i so here you! my family and i just moved to a smaller apt and there is just no where to put anything. incidentally, you have the coffee table i have been wanting! :)

Jane said...

I made a round coffee table/ottoman using a 36-inch round pine table top and furniture legs from Lowe's. The legs screw into brackets attached to the underside of the table top. My husband used L-brackets to attach a shelf (a board cut to size) directly to the legs under the table top high enough for the vacuum to fit underneath. After staining the whole thing, I made a cover for the top with fabric that coordinates with our sofa. I cut foam to fit the table top. Instead of stapling fabric directly to the wood, I made a removable cover by sewing a round of fabric big enough to cover the foam and the sides of the table top and to wrap around the edge. The cover is held on with elastic I inserted into the seam of the fabric round. Now I can remove the fabric top for cleaning or remove both the fabric and the foam and use the table as just a table. The shelf underneath is perfect for holding my son's boxes of Legos and Magnetix. I used traditional-style legs, but if memory serves, Lowe's has contemporary ones too. Hope this helps.


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