Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cool Stuff: Gold Lipped Dishes

I've blogged Up in the Air Somewhere (aka the ceramic and paper-maché creations of Chicago's Susan Dwyer) before, but couldn't resist showing you this lovely trio of gold-lipped dishes featured on her brand-new website.

Like so many of Dwyer's products, they combine a delicate, ethereal quality with an organic earthiness -- and these add just the slightest touch of bling to the mix as well.

(Dwyer's gold-bottom dish, on the other hand, cranks up the bling but remains more pretty and subtle than over-the-top.)

The dishes are $12 to $52 a piece right here.


C. said...

The prices are amazing making me think I just might have to have the entire collection (or at least a few pieces.) I love it all!

Jane Flanagan said...

I love these (as you know) but didn't know about her off-Etsy site. Thanks for the link!


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