Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool Stuff: Feinedinge Porcelain

Feinedinge means "fine thing" in German -- and truer words were never spoken.

Based in Austria, Feinedinge is the brainchild of ceramist Sandra Haischberger, in whose Vienna studio each delicately beautiful piece is crafted by hand. I love the intricate, ethereal patterns and the subtle tone-on-tone colors. In short, I want all of them:

See the entire collection right here. Stateside, several Feinedinge products are available, for $55 to $135 apiece, through Olio United and Peek Keep.


Janick - Nea said...

Oh wow, just lovely!!!

Tiffany S. said...


TheGirl said...

it's lovely indeed. i just can't justify spending that much on things because they are pretty when i can get some ikea version for pennys on the dollar. am i alone here?

Joe Girl said...

So simple, yet perfectly feminine. Love the Stella Trio of lanterns... exquisite! Like thegirl, I would probably admire them from afar, and pick up knock-offs somewhere more affordable... Still, Leah - thanks for sharing them with us!


katie said...



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