Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Yo Mama

You may have noticed that I haven't done a whole lot on Mother's Day here. It's not because I think it's just some Hallmark holiday -- speaking as mother myself, I think it's a pretty important day to honor the women who birthed or adopted, raised, and just plain put up with us for all those years (and, as a matter of fact, who still do).

It's just that I don't presume to know you or your mother, or to have some sort of inside scoop on the perfect gift for the unique woman you call "Mom." Plus, I think that a lot of the things I feature here on the blog would make really lovely Mother's Day gifts -- depending, of course, on your own mom's personal style and taste. (As would taking your mom out for something really extravagant that she'd never do for herself, like a spa afternoon that includes a two-hour massage.) So you'll get no handy "Mother's Day Gift Guides" from me. Sorry.

But I can suggest a few sweet-but-not-treacly and wickedly witty Mother's Day cards to go along with that heartfelt gift you're going to pick out all by yourself -- each of them created, of course, by some of the ingenious mothers, sons, and daughters on Etsy. Top: Polar Bear Mama Love, $7 from pairedhearts

Mommie Dearest, $3.50 from jeanfrancisbean

Teacher Friend Hero Mom, $3.50 from annacote

Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, $3.50 from She's So Creative

Mom Wow, $3 from clementine press

Oh, Mother Hand Embroidered Card, $8 from kingpopcorn

Mother's Day Gocco Card, $3 from Christina Williams Designs

Best Mother Letterpress Card, $4.50 from Oddball Press

By the way, any guys or female partners out there reading? A couple of cute options for your baby mama or the mother of your furkid:

Little People Gocco Card, $3 from lovemonkey

I'm a Dog ... , $3.50 from She's So Creative

No dawdling now -- order one of these today if you want to have it by Sunday.


Kelly said...

what a great collection of cards! really nice finds.

please sir said...

Aww...the bear one is super cute...and the wire hangers sign is quite funny!


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