Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Objects of Lust: Dan Golden Rugs

I spotted these rugs from designer Dan Golden on the always-awesome Design Crisis yesterday, and promptly choked on my coffee.

I really don't have anything intelligent to say about them other than, "OMG, how freakin' kick-ass are these?" Above: Morphine

Keep Dogs Off Grass

So Long, Suckahs!

Financially Abundant

Crazy New Shit

The hand-tufted New Zealand wool rugs range in price from $2,880 to $12,960. So yeah -- keep dreamin'.

See the entire collection right here.


pigeon.toed said...

that's so amazing!

monaluna said...

Hilarious! I want the morphine one...

Anonymous said...


Mary Casper said...

I can't believe these are hand tufted! It seems so labor intensive for something so...frivolous.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of to say is...oh grow up.

Leah said...

You know, I find it interesting that both of the negative/hostile comments about this post were left anonymously.

It's fine with me if you don't like my picks or disagree with my opinions -- in fact, bring it on! To each her own, and I'm all for some spirited discussion and healthy debate around here.

But I ask that you don't do so anonymously. Sign your name, or at least use a "handle" so that I and the other readers have at least a vague sense of where the comment is coming from. Otherwise, you're just playing an online version of doorbell ditch.

And Anon. 8:57: Why? I *am* grown up -- I'm a married woman with two kids and a crushing mortgage. But I think that if we can't have some fun in our own homes, or at least indulge in a little chuckle during our daily internet surfing, then what's the point? I've had "grown up" decor, and was bored to tears with it. I think the things in our homes should make us smile.

Don't like the rugs? Then don't buy 'em.

Lily Goodwin said...

I want the morphine one pronto!!! So hilarious and cool!

Anonymous said...

love this post; especially the crazy new shit. thanks, as always, inspiring with a bit of fun bite.

Jake said...

You go Leah!
You are totally right--people don't have to agree but doing it anonymously is lame.


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