Friday, March 13, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day: FilzFelt Floor Mats

Much as I love pattern, I've been shying away from strong pattern on the floor after having had to craigslist one too many nice rugs that simply didn't work with the ever-changing decor in our rooms. (I told you I have design ADD.)

My new strategy is to opt for simplicity in the larger elements in our home, like flooring and furniture, so that I can go wild with color and pattern in easier and less-pricey-to-change things like pillows, artwork, and accessories.

So these simple, earthy felt floormats from Etsy seller FilzFelt (aka Boston designers Kelly Smith and Traci Roloff) are especially appealing. (Plus, you know how I love felt.)

They're made from high-quality German industrial wool felt, come in 6-by-9-foot ($405), 4-by-6-foot ($180), and 2-by-3-foot ($50) sizes, and are available in an array of Pantone-matched hues.

FilzFelt also has a great selection of simple, modern placemats and coasters, pillows, and felt by the yard.

Check out all of Smith and Roloff's Etsy offerings right here -- and see more of their designs here.

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