Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cool Stuff: New at Three Potato Four

Lots of vintage cuteness just landed in everyone's favorite mom-and-pop e-shop, the Reston, Virginia-based Three Potato Four.

My faves:

British Bus Rollsign Route Numbers, $35 each

Miniature Green Bicycle, $40

Cash Register Price Flags, $8 each

Carpenter Wood Letters and Numbers, $8 each

Turquoise Cafeteria Tray, $48

Rx Metal Prescription File Boxes, $30 each

Old School Classroom Ruler, $80

Check out all of Three Potato Four's cherry-picked wares right here -- but don't dawdle, as they typically sell out in a flash.


Arlynn said...

These are all just SO sweet!!! I especially love the metal file boxes - too perfect : )

HELLO TIGER! said...

I love Three Potato Four! Thanks for reminding me about it!


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