Monday, March 16, 2009

More eBay Finds

Krenit Enamel Bowl Set

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Side Table With Marble Top

Vintage Industrial Medical Telescoping Floor Lamp

Pair Knoll Eero Saarinen Executive Arm Chairs

Pair Vintage Herman Miller Eames DCW Molded Wood Chairs

Vintage Lighted McNally World Globe

Kaj Franck Arabia Finel Kettle

Anthropologie White Bird Statue

Stig Lindberg Gustavberg Bersa Hanging Pot

Danish Modern Teak Dining Chair Set

Note: These auctions all end between today and Wednesday evening, March 18.


ita darling. said...

Hi! I do love your blog. I subscribe to it on my RSS feed. I also Love ebay. More than most of my friends I am afraid- I would like to volunteer to guest blog for your Ebay posts. If not me, then get someone else... It would be interesting as a reader to see other peoples' ebay obsesesions, and frankly- i think you look at the same things *all the time*. Like most ebayers we tend to do the same searches all the time, but I'm almost at my wit's end with your arabia finland, tulip side tables globes and enamel bowls.... i love those things too, or else i wouldn't read your blog.. im just sayin... thanks for all your bloggin' work regardless...

Leah said...

Sorry to have bored you, ita darling ... ;-)

But, yeah, I'm totally open to having guest bloggers share their eBay finds (or pretty much anything else, for that matter). Just send me a collection of, say, 10 auction links *at least* 24 hours before the first one ends, plus a short intro about you and maybe what you like to look for on eBay and/or any eBay tips you want to share.

Anyone else want to volunteer? The line starts here. Can't wait to see your picks!

ita darling. said...

Thanks for being open minded! I will send you my list shortly!

Juddie said...

oh my! I'm so sad that I only came across this post tonight - what gorgeous items! It's probably a good thing for my credit card balance though ....
Thank you for sharing these lovely finds!


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