Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool Stuff: Stain Cups

British designer Bethan Laura Wood's clever Stain Cups are designed to become more beautiful with each use. Wood treats the inside of each porcelain teacup so that, over time, certain areas pick up more stain than others. "The more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed," she explains.

The cups are £35 (about $50) each. Contact Wood directly to order, and check out more of the young designer's innovative wares right here.

(Via CribCandy.)


DJ said...

Crockery that becomes dirtier with each use and can't be cleaned?

I'll stick with ceramics that come with glazed patterns... ; )

Carolyne said...

I think it's gorgeous! It has such a nice informal look to it!

Nice to meet you, btw. Isn't it wonderful to meet such crafty people in the blogosphere?

Sarah Bradley said...

I think these are awesome! I'm not a germaphobe so I'd use them all the time!

Kate Riley said...

What a great splurge, or gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing.

yvonne said...

Expensive, but I like them!

Just beautiful things... said...

I think there is something very romantic about these... Love them Leah, thanks for sharing!

Smiles:) Jeni


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