Friday, March 6, 2009

More eBay Finds

eBay's widget appears to be broken right now (I've been fighting with it since Tuesday), so I'll do this the old-fashioned way ...

Vintage Herman Miller Eames DCW Chair

Vintage 1947 World Globe

Bjorn Wiinblad Denmark Rare Poster Helsinge Theater

Midcentury Architectural Desk Lamp

Turquoise Vanity With Mirror

Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg Adam Coffee Cups

Danish Modern Low Lounge Chairs

Eames Herman Miller Mod Shell Chair

Parzinger Stiffel Floor and Table Lamp Pair

Faux Bamboo Armchair

Stig Lindberg Gustavberg Reptil Dish

Teak Wall-Mounted Scissor Lamp

Vintage All Wool Welsh Blanket

Vintage New York City Subway Roll Sign Section

Old London Transport Metal Bus Sign

Eames Arm Sell Chair Elephant Hide

Danish Modern Lisa Larson Gustavberg Art Pottery Cow

Danish Mod Vintage Lounge Chairs

Hollywood Regency Faux Bamboo Table

Haeger Vase

The auctions all end today or over the weekend, so don't delay if you see something you fancy!

P.S. Obviously, these items are all over the map stylistically, but I like to make my eBay Finds a bit of a grab-bag. I'm curious: What are you looking for on your eBay wanderings? Leave a comment and let me know -- maybe I can help you find it!


Данич said...

Hi Leah,

Your eBay finds are always spot on and such a pleasure to peruse. When I do my eBay browsing on my own, I usually look for beautiful objects of any period which aren't too steep in price. I suppose good keywords are what separates the wheat from the chaff. What are your most oft used eBay keywords?

Cheers, Yordan

Birdsong Designs said...

Thanks for your ebay finds- I really enjoy looking through them. I usually look for anything with modern lines. These days, I'm looking for inexpensive transit roll signs, and other art with bold graphic qualities.


Pigtown*Design said...

How funny that you featured a Welsh Blanket. When I lived there, I sold a bunch of them... mostly to people in the US. They're wonderful blankets. For a modern twist on the old blankies, check out Melyn Tregwent. They're amazing!!!

Leah said...

Hi Yordan,

I have about 100 different saved search terms that I run on a weekly basis, plus a few extra ones that I use when I remember them.

One tip is to try common mispellings/alternative names for things when you search: "Ames" in addition to "Eames," "fainting couch" in addition to "chaise lounge," etc.

Anonymous said...

Your ebay finds are my favorite - I love them. It gives me a lot of inspiration. Right now I'm looking for a living room chair, a throw for my couch and a couple of vintage decanters.

Lisa said...

I won the Vintage New York City Subway Roll Sign Section! I love your ebay finds :D


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