Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: John Kostick's Bronze Stars

John Kostick's mesmerizing Six Axis Bronze Star is a beautiful physical expression of a complex geometrical concept: The handcrafted "symmetrical non-Cartesian multiple-axis joining of beams" was inspired by a speech given by synergetic visionary Buckminster Fuller at Brandeis University.

The math, no doubt, is light years beyond my feeble abilities in that area. The beauty, however, is easy to grasp. And over time, the metal wire that forms the gracefully intersecting axes of this collapsible star will develop a rich brown patina with a subtle green undertone.

Kostick's six-point star is $60 at Canoe, or $20 for the smaller Tetraxis Bronze Star, above.

(Via Portland Spaces.)

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Ana Herda said...

There's a guy who sells those on the street right in front of Amoeba in Berkeley!


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