Friday, March 13, 2009

Mark Your Calendar: Audiowood at FiveTen Studio

Here's one for the boys and any other audio enthusiasts who may be out there reading: This Saturday, Old Oakland's FiveTen Studio is hosting a showcase for Audiowood turntables and other cutting-edge, sustainably produced, high-efficiency, and low-power audio components.

Handmade by Oakland carpenter Joel Scilley (who also happens to have a bachelor's degree in art history, a masters in cultural studies, and a Ph.D. in media studies), Audiowood turntables are crafted from reclaimed or sustainably grown timber and fitted with Origin Live DC motor controllers, Teres platter bearings, and Origin Live/Rega arms. (Scilley can custom build or retrofit vintage tables to your specifications, too.)

In addition to Audiowood designs, you can also check out speakers and other components from Glow, King Rex, Red Dragon, and more.

The showcase, complete with refreshments and vintage record spinning courtesy of Oakland's Funky Soul Stop, runs from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday, March 14, at FiveTen Studio, 831 Broadway at Ninth in Oakland.

Check out the entire Audiowood collection right here.


pigeon.toed said...

those are the coolest record players i have ever seen!

Eric McGrew said...

I love art and furniture w/ texture and, this definitely has texture. These are cool.


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