Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanderlust: The Requisite Vacation Snaps

We're back home and a bit comatose from the 650-mile drive back from Portland yesterday. I've been spending the morning going through our vacation snaps, and thought I'd share a few. (I didn't take a ton of PDX shopping pix this time around because, well, I've done plenty of that before. Plus, something about dragging along two bickering, sulky kids made me a little shy about introducing myself to shop owners and asking permission to take photos -- go figure.)

Far Northern California's Mount Shasta, as seen from a moving car.

We stopped over at the Rail Road Park Resort outside the quaint mountain town of Dunsmuir, California, where a group of real train cabooses have been turned into a motel. Our room had the most uncomfortable beds we've ever slept on, but the setting was gorgeous and the kids seemed to enjoy the novelty of it.

Laurel begged us to take her camping on our next trip. This girl loves the great outdoors. (Honestly, I don't know how she wound up in our family of avowed non-campers ... )

Soon after hitting Portland, we went for dinner at Cava. Art from hometown boy Evan B. Harris adorns one wall, and I'm pretty sure the handpainted details on another wall are by local artist Amy Ruppel, who owns Cava along with her husband, Randy Montgomery. (It's an absolutely lovely restaurant, but the location -- a few doors down from a strip karaoke joint and an auto body shop in a relatively desolate part of town -- is a bit random.)

Locals cool off in the fountain at Jamison Square in the Pearl District.

Don't even think about trying to hop this fence at Pistils Nursery.

Cool metal shingles at the offices of Our United Villages on North Portland's Mississippi Avenue.

Thrifting at House of Vintage on Hawthorne.

Clowning around at the Ace Hotel.

Art by Ryan Bubnis and Ryan Jacob Smith at Fifty24PDX.

Hokey as it was, the pirate-themed 3D mini-golf at Glowing Greens was a huge hit with a certain 13-year-old I know. (Thanks to Jewelie at the lovely Flora for the tip!)

Simple Scandinavian goodness at Clinton Street's Broder. (If you go, you must try the Danish pancakes!)

Somehow, this Bettie Ford seems like a lot more fun than the other one ...

Our house-swap partners have a beautiful collection of vintage Bauer and other pottery. (By the way, the house swap worked out great. The worst part was simply trying to get our own home spic and span before we left. But we were overdue for a deep cleaning, anyway.)

Austin checks out the action at Burnside Skate Park, the setting for Gus Van Sant's recent film, Paranoid Park.

The Hollywood Farmer's Market, where we picked up delectable artisan cheeses, bread, juicy cherries, and fresh pasta and pesto sauce for dinner one night.

The movie theater at the Kennedy School. (The couches here looked way more luxe than the IKEA specials at my beloved Parkway in Oakland ... Plus, microbrew!)

Hot dog.

Go, Beavers!

Oaks Park was a fun respite for the kids from all of the tedious shopping, museums, art galleries, and cafe-sitting we forced upon them. (Repeat after me: "Yes, I am the boss of you ... Why do I get to decide what we're doing today? Because I am The Decider ... " Uh-huh -- just go ahead and renew your birth-control prescription right now.)

Alas, time to go home. Nick took to Portland almost as quickly as I had on my first visit there, and even the kids seemed to think it was OK. It'll be interesting to see if they continue to howl in protest every time I joke about moving north ...

Anyway, bye for now, Portland. I like you -- I really, really like you.

(P.S. Thanks so much for your patience with my light posting during our trip. I'll be back on a normal posting schedule next week. Have a lovely weekend!)


modmom said...

thanks for sharing your portland trip pictures leah! looks like a lot of fun! you're so good with composing them too!

Shilo said...

I heart the work of Ryan Jacob Smith.
I just bought a print of his at cinders gallery.

althoughhhh, I've been seeing his work featured on blogs more and more lately, so I'm sure it wont take long for his dealers to take notice and raise prices accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so cute, your kids are so big, and your taste is just so eckskwizit!

The plan is to move to Portland next year, so you'll have one more reason to visit!

Did I just rhyme?

Mrs.French said...

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see Portland through your eyes. I totally forgot to send you some of my favorite Portland spots...sorry. I have to say it looks like you did ok without my suggestions. I am bookmarking this post so I can try out some of the spots I have not yet tried. Oh and that Farmer's market...right down the street from me! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a pretty fun trip! I love that "If you took the stairs..." cross stitch - tiny squirrels!

My SO and I are going to try to go to Portland early this fall. All your posts about it will be so helpful!

Anonymous said...

You had me at Pirate Themed 3-D Mini-Golf!

Pat Saperstein said...

Thank you so much for all your great Portland posts! I'm going next weekend and keeping track of lots of your suggestions. I couldn't get into the Kennedy Hotel either but I'm looking forward to staying at the Ace. You have a lovely blog.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

I had my mind set on Portland, but you confirmed it. One day I want to leave southern California and move where it's green, moist and human.


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