Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Clock Wall Hangings

What a clever and fun idea: Etsy seller decoylab (aka Kansas City, Missouri designer and illustrator Maiko Kuzunishi) has created clocks from paper that's been gocco-printed with pretty designs and backed for sturdiness. Above: Aqua Bouquet Clock

Orange Bouquet Clock

Lime Cuckoo Clock

Pink Cuckoo Clock

Each limited-edition paper clock measures about 6 by 9 inches, and is just $28 right here.


Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

I LOVE your blog! I'm spending nearly all of my precious alone time during my daughter's nap on your site. Ugh, I should be doing a huge pile of dishes but this is so worth it.

AT said...

Don't you just adore these?! I bought a cuckoo one after seeing it in Lisa Congdon's kitchen.

Ann said...

Great looking designs...a little whimsical. Nice colors too. And I love it.

modmom said...

great finds leah!


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