Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Over and Out

We're off for our roadtrip and house-swap in Portland. I may pop in here once or twice while we're gone -- but no promises! We'll either be on the road or out and about most of the time, and when we're not, I plan to be in a lawn chair with a glass of lemonade in my hand. (You know, vacation ... )

I promise to have tons of great finds for you -- as well as some other cool features I've got brewing -- upon our return. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the archives (the blog index is on the left) and to visit some of the fabulous blogs on my blogroll (on the right, just below my sponsors). While you're at it, please visit some of my lovely sponsors, too. If only in a small way, they help me justify the fact that I spend most of the day hunting around for cool stuff to show you -- instead of, like, getting a job or something.

Have a lovely week, and see you all soon!

(P.S. I know several of you are waiting for your Design Dilemmas to be posted. I promise I'll get to them just as soon as we return. Thanks so much for being patient with me!)


AMM blog said...

Wow! I just found your blog via Cookie & I'm so glad! Fun finds & I love that alphabet chair below...I will definitely be stopping in often now!

Anonymous said...

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A home far away said...

Swapping houses sounds like a great idea for the summer holiday!
Have a great time:-)

hugs Gunilla in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Saw your attic reno on Cookie and loved it. We have a similar attic that needs redoing...


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