Monday, June 23, 2008

Cool Stuff: Powell St. Pendants

I spotted this colorful trio of Powell St. Pendants at Portland's Lux Lighting the other day. The spun aluminum shades measure an impressive two feet in diameter, and the interiors are painted in candy colors that soften and tint the bulb's glow. I think one of these would look super-groovy over a circular dining table -- but the lights are especially awesome hung in a grouping at various heights.

They're available for $416 apiece at Lux, or $212 each for the 12-inch version.


Jake and Micah said...

Thank you for sharing this website. Your blog is super! I've been shopping for lighting and your blog is a great source of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! For those with limited funds, consider DIY at about 1/10 the price (albeit smaller). Using IKEA stainless steel mixing bowl (or something similar), drill hole large enough for light cord kit. Use large metal and/or rubber washers to finish off the look on either side of the hole. Paint interior with enamel to mimic the Powell St. pendants. Thread the cord through, install and voila!

Leah said...

Anon. -- what a great DIY idea. If anyone tries this, please send in pix of your completed light!



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