Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Polaroids and Pinholes

There's something wonderfully elusive about these images (such as Memory of a Hydrangea, above) from Etsy seller Polaroids and Pinholes (aka Bristol, England's Rowena Dugdale, who moonlights in the darkroom when she's not working as a commercial illustrator). The objects seem ghostly, somehow -- not quite there. I'm captivated by them.

Created using old-school techniques such as photogramming (light from a camera enlarger shines through the object directly onto color negative paper, causing a positive image to form), Polaroid, and pinhole photography, the results are haunting and lovely.

Hellebore 1

Beachcomb No. 2

Blue Fern

Ripen the Bud and the Bloom

Twine and Tide

Sea Holly Stem

Cherry Blossom

Peacock Feather No. 1

5-by-7-inch prints are $12 to $15, and 8-by-10s are $35. See all of Polaroids and Pinholes' Etsy offerings right here.


Anonymous said...

I've bought a print from Polaroids and Pinholes, and it is wonderful! I love it so much!

FancyPants-design said...

beautiful images!

Melissa said...

How fantastic! I must own Memory of a Hydrangea.


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