Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool Stuff: MetroSofa Repurposed Classic Furniture

One part of the "Green" equation ("Reduce, Reuse, Recycle") that often seems to be overlooked is repurposing older things instead of replacing them with new ones. (No joke: I recently received a glossy press release for a new, "green" home here in Oakland. Great -- except that the place was over 5,000 square feet and no doubt replaced a much more modest vintage home that had been torn down to make way for the supposedly eco-conscious behemoth. Honestly, how green is that?)

Luckily, the folks at MetroSofa have taken the "Reuse" mantra to heart in an incredibly stylish way. The brainchild of MetroShed founder and green building pioneer David Ballinger, MetroSofa rescues vintage sofas and chairs that would otherwise be headed for a landfill and reinvents them with new, eco-friendly cushions, upholstery (many of the fabrics used are remnants left over from big commercial projects), and paint.

The results may be certifiably green, but they're anything but crunchy. Take a look:

Green and White Striped Chair

Green/Numbers Louis Armchair

Pink and Black Modern Sofa

Red and White Curved-Back Modern Armchair

Black and White Retro Lounge Chair

Red/Multistripe Modern Louis Settee

Chairs range from about $700 to $1,100 apiece, and sofas run about $1,900 to $3,600 each. See all of MetroSofa's eco-fabulous seating right here -- and contact the company directly for exact pricing and shipping details. (Pssst -- if you're in the Portland area, Flutter stocks a few MetroSofa designs, as does Seattle's Revival Home & Garden.)


Tracey said...

Love the numbers fabric on the chair! Eco friendly and very design worthy!

Anonymous said...

I know that they say "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" but I really really need to know how much these awesome things cost. I won't be able to sleep until I do. Has anyone done the legwork yet so I don't have to call and look like an asshat?

All Women Everywhere said...

Hi there. I'm the owner of Revival Home & Garden in Seattle, where the fabulous MetroSofa products are sold, so I am intimately familiar with pricing on their items.

I currently have two of the yellow Louis side chairs, which sell for around $850 each (I'm not at the shop right now and am going off memory, but that's a very close ballpark), as well as the amazing antique gilded British settee, which sells for around $3500. I also recently sold a reptile-print wing chair for around $1200.

The pieces are very well made and such a refreshing change from the typical fare...and as a side note, the prices are comparable to finding old pieces yourself and having them reupholstered--without all the legwork!

Anyway, hope that helps.

Thanks to "More Ways" for the plug!

Janet said...

They are ALL beautiful. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Uber trendy! I love them!

here's some other interesting Repurposed Furniture:

girl meets glamour said...

Love these pieces, and not too expensive either!


Coveiter said...

OMG! I love love love the Pink and Black Modern Sofa!!

{ Julie }

Ana said...

I'm a fan of the pink and black too! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh that red and white floral print.


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