Monday, June 9, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Anglepoise Lamp

Normally, these British-made, vintage articulating lamps by Anglepoise do not come cheap. I've coveted one in the worst way since I first saw them in London's amazing After Noah shop, but the steep price tag ($500 and up, with the current exchange rate) has kept me from making one mine.

This restored model has been cleaned up and given a new cord (and I'm actually kicking myself right now for telling you all about it). Install it on the wall over your bed for an awesome, industrial-chic reading light, or mount it over a work or craft area to give you maximum lighting flexibility and an enviable dose of Machine Age style.

Current bid: $5.50 -- though I don't expect it'll stay that cheap for long. (Hurry, the auction ends Tuesday morning, June 10.)

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